Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Service / Project Description

Experience comfort all year long with a new and efficient water-cooled packaged air conditioning system.

A water cooled packaged air conditioning system provides cooled or heated air to disperse throughout your entire home. It can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one.

The combined indoor and outdoor unit (package) is usually located in a broom cupboard or service cabinet, within the apartment or office.

Water-cooled packaged air conditioning systems are usually installed in apartments and strata offices.

Water pipes from a cooling tower, usually located on the rooftop of the complex, provide cold water to the cooling coil that pumps through the refrigerated system.

Conditioned air is distributed through a series of flexible ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity, with outlets in as many rooms as you wish that are accessible.

A qualified technician can assist.

Once the system is installed, all that will be visible inside the home is the LCD wall controller, supply air grilles and the return air grille.

A water-cooled packaged air conditioner is discreet, efficient and provides the best overall comfort, for apartments with limited balcony space or strata restrictions.  All our recommended air conditioning ducted ranges are easy to operate, giving you excellent control over your indoor temperature.

Other options include:

  • Multiple zoning
  • Ductwork upgrades
  • Fixed priced servicing contract
  • Extended warranty

We can help you design the air conditioning system that suits the design of your home and your personal needs.

Why is a Packaged Air Conditioning system better overall for your apartment or business?

The newer packaged air conditioning systems are quieter, more efficient and provide very good air flow throughout your home and business.

Some of the many features include:

  • The main indoor and outdoor system is housed within your strata space, making service access easier.
  • Although part of a water-cooled system, if other units in the building fail, your system will still be operational with the rooftop cooling tower.
  • It is less obtrusive in the room space and easier on the eye
  • Comfortable air is provided to all areas of the room or building, with proper ductwork design
  • Recirculating air is filtered and cooled multiple times.
  • New inverter ducted systems are quiet to run, compared to older non-inverter systems
  • Inverter systems are more energy efficient, compared to older non-inverter systems
  • Rooms can be individually “Zoned” or simultaneously set to different comfort level settings, through zoning control and additional sensor installations

Let us assist you with your air conditioning needs.

How can we help find the best Packaged Ducted Air Conditioning system for you?

It’s important to select the right ducted air conditioning system for your needs, either at home or at your business.

We can help design the best air conditioning system for your needs.

  1. Our technician will visit your home or business to measure and determine the best air conditioning options for your life-style or business needs.
  2. Provide a free written quotation for the complete installation.
  3. Provide a selection of our recommended air conditioning brands for you to select.
  4. Clearly detail suitable add-on options, such as wifi or upgraded ductwork, which you can choose to your preference.

Quality of Works

  • Unlike retail outlets, your quotation will be provided by a qualified air conditioning technician.
  • The technician that provides you a quotation will have hands-on air conditioning experience of no less than 5 years.
  • You are assured of receiving a quality quotation that reflects your needs.
  • The air conditioning quotation will always be based on an in-home or at-business site inspection.

Peace of Mind

  • All our air conditioning technicians are fully licensed and registered with the Australian Refrigeration Council.
  • Contractors licensing is up to date and registered with the Department of Fair Trading NSW.
  • Public Liability is fully paid.
  • Insurances are up to date.
  • We provide up to 5 years air conditioning installation warranty on all new works.

The brands that we recommend are the brands that we service.

  • As a valued customer, you call Leumeah Air Conditioning, not the manufacturer for warranty and technical support, thus alleviating wait times.
  • We will have your air conditioning design layout on file and are able to provide a quicker response time for you.
  • Because you are our valued customer, anxiety and stress is reduced, as you will speak to a familiar person and meet with familiar technicians.


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    Major brands that we install include:

    • Temperzone
    • Hitachi
    • Mitsubishi
    • Daikin
    • Toshiba
    • Actron
    • Fujitsu