I have water leaking from my ducted air conditioning system?

Ducted System Indoor Units

  1. If your air conditioner’s indoor unit is in the roof there will be a safety tray installed below the unit or built-in to catch any condensate that overflows, this will then drain to a drainage pipe
  2. The condensate drainage pipe will usually come out of the side of your house into the gutter or may be run to an internal water pipe system.
  3. If you see water leaking, either from the air conditioning indoor unit or through the gyprock ceiling, switch OFF your air conditioning system immediately and contact Leumeah Air Conditioning.

Ducted System Outdoor Units

  1. The condensate drain on the outdoor unit works when the system is in heating mode, usually during the winter months.
  2. A drain kit may have been installed at installation, but is not normally the case as it is usually unnecessary.
  3. If the air conditioner’s outdoor unit is located on a balcony or high traffic area, it maybe possible to install a drain kit for you.
  4. Water can also come from your outdoor unit if it’s iced up.
  5. This can mean that that there is a problem with the system… generally a refrigerant gas issue.
  6. If the ambient temperature near and around the air conditioner is close to zero degrees Celsius, there should be a minor build-up of ice on the coil’s fins.
  7. Usually the air conditioner’s defrost control will engage and the defrost cycle will begin.
  8. In this case, your air conditioner is operating as per normal.
  9. If however, the amount of ice build-up is like a solid block of ice, then there may be an issue.
  10. Please call Leumeah Air Conditioning for a diagnosis service.