Air is only coming out in part of the house?

  1. Ducted systems can be designed with zones so that only certain parts of the house are air conditioned at any one time.
  2. Check that the zone switches are operational.
  3. If your home has 2 zones, turn one zone switch to off and the other to on. Check if air is coming out of the area that is “ON”
  4. Repeat the process by swapping the zones that would be on and off. Check if air is coming out of the other area that is “ON”
  5. Do not turn both zones “OFF”. This could cause damage to your air conditioning system.
  6. If your home has more than 3 zones, then run the above tests by leaving one zone “ON” and turning the others “OFF”. Repeat the process until every zone has been turned on and off at least once.
  7. If you find that the air flow is not satisfactory and are still having problems, please contact Leumeah Air Conditioning for a diagnosis service.