Hitachi S-Series FrostWash Split System

Self-Cleaning Technology

  • Over time, dust, oil and mould bacteria build up on the coil of the air conditioning indoor unit.
  • These areas are mostly forgotten or hard to access for cleaning purposes.
  • Frost wash technology works by freezing moisture on the surface of the indoor unit coil. Then, the captured dust and debris within the ice, are melted and flushed away.
  • The melted ice and debris are flushed down the attached drainage system of the indoor unit.
  • A yearly AC service health check is advised, in order to ensure that the drainage system is clean and clear of any blockages. This check is normally included in a regular maintenance checklist.

Long Lasting Hygienic Air

  • The Frost Wash features provides your indoor environment with fresher, cleaner air.
  • The Kitasato Research Centre of Environmental Science found that the Frost Wash process achieved a 91% reduction of bacteria and 87% reduction of mould within the air conditioning indoor unit*.

* Tested by Kitasato Research Centre of Environmental Science. Test No. 2019_0154.

Additional Features of Hitachi S-Series Split Systems

  • The Hitachi S-Series also features a Nano-Titanium pre-filter,
  • As well as the unique Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying filter

Stylish Wireless Controller

  • The Hitachi S-Series split system comes with a stylish wireless controller which has a built-in feature – Power Consumption Tracking.
  • This feature enables monitoring of the air conditioner’s power usage, ensuring that there are no surprises when the electricity bill arrives.
  • This feature combined with a high efficiency rating and frost wash ability, make the Hitachi S-Series air conditioner a product of choice.

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